8 easy (and legal) ways to make money as a student

Students have many expenses, from tuition to books to housing and food! Money can be tight while in school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some extra cash along the way.

Check out these 8 ways to earn money as a student to see if any of them are right for you!

1) Get a part-time job

Working a part-time job is one of the most obvious and effective ways to make money while you’re in school.

It’s also an opportunity to build your resume, learn new skills, and network with professionals who might hire you after you graduate.

However, it can be difficult to find a job near campus and during your free time, so be prepared to look for jobs on weekends or late at night.

You can’t do just any old thing either; it has to be something that relates well to what you plan on doing for the rest of your career.

since college students don’t usually have a lot of experience under their belt yet, pay isn’t usually very high.

2) Do odd jobs for people in your neighbourhood

One of the easiest ways to make money is by doing odd jobs for people in your neighbourhood.

With some quick thinking and creativity, you can find work on Craigslist or skill that suits your schedule and skill set.

You could also offer services such as babysitting or tutoring, depending on what you’re interested in doing.

If you’re not sure where to start with this type of freelance work, ask friends and family members if they need any help around the house or want any help with errands.

Odd jobs don’t pay well but it’s a good way to earn pocket change on a part-time basis.

3) Offer tutoring services

Not only is tutoring an excellent way to create an income stream, but it also provides you with the opportunity to hone your skills in a subject area.

Tutoring is perfect for students who are looking for an alternative form of income and are willing to put in the time and effort.

It is important to be qualified and skilled in the subject that you want to tutor on, so don’t be afraid to do some studying first.

If you’re not sure where or how to find clients, try posting an advertisement on craigslist or other classified ads sites where parents might look for private instructors.

The advantage of tutoring over other types of work is that there’s less competition and more demand, meaning that even if you have limited experience or qualifications, people will still hire you!

Another idea is to ask family members if they need any help around their house.

4) Sell items you don’t need anymore

We all have items we don’t need anymore. Selling them is an easy way to get some extra cash and clear out our closets.

Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist are great places to sell unwanted items.

People often offer more for used items, so it’s worth checking both sites before listing your item for sale.

Once you’ve found a buyer, it’s important that you meet them in person to hand over the item and complete the transaction.

If you’re uncomfortable meeting up with someone who contacts you through these sites, then be sure to only list items which can be mailed (e.g., books).

You could also try selling things on social media: It might not be hard to find someone who will buy something if they know what they’re getting ahead of time!

5) Participate in online surveys

If you’re looking for simple and straightforward, look no further. Online surveys are one of the easiest methods of making extra cash in a pinch.

They don’t require any special skills and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, with companies like Swagbucks and MySurvey, it’s not hard to rack up gift cards or other prizes just by answering some questions.

A key is to stay on top of the survey sites that you belong to so that you know when new surveys are available.

6) Sell your arts and crafts

Selling your arts and crafts is an easy way for students to earn some extra cash. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction of seeing the tangible fruits of your labor.

And if you’ve been meaning to learn how to crochet or knit, this is a great opportunity! You can easily sell your homemade goods at craft fairs or even on Etsy.

Just keep in mind that this type of business takes time and skill before you can expect to see any significant earnings.

When it comes to starting up a home-based business, try not to overextend yourself financially.

Make sure you have enough in savings so that if the venture fails, you’re not left with nothing but bills.

7) Participate in focus groups

Focus groups are one of the most popular and easiest methods for making cash in a short period of time.

Participants, or respondents give their opinions on products and services, sometimes sharing information they otherwise would not have known about.

It’s important to note that these jobs are often done remotely, so you can do them from home while still taking care of your studies. Companies who hire focus group participants range from small start-ups to major corporations like Unilever, Nike, Coca-Cola and more.

A quick search online will yield dozens of results, but it’s also possible to find focus group opportunities through companies like iModerate.

8) Do freelance work

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money while in school. Not only will you have more time, there are also many websites where you can find jobs that are tailored specifically for students and recent graduates.

There are even some companies which pay students to write reviews!
One popular website for freelancers is Upwork which pays freelancers based on how many hours they work each week.

You may be able to get paid up to $100 per hour! For those with writing skills, Scribendi has both editing and translation positions open right now.

If you don’t have any technical skills, it might still be possible to make some quick cash by doing small tasks like sorting out data or doing market research surveys.

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