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In this Article lets talk about Hope Scholarship WV, The Hope Scholarship Program in West Virginia is an education savings account (ESA) that enables eligible parents to receive the average per-pupil state funding that has already been set aside for their children’s education onto an electronic fund that is controlled by the parents and used for educational expenses. The program is called the Hope Scholarship Program. These costs may include tuition for a private school, private tutoring, certification, therapeutic services, transportation, and more. On this page, you can learn more about the program’s operation, including eligibility requirements, funding options, restrictions, and more.

Important Update on the West Virginia Hope Scholarship Program

Riley Moore, who serves as the State Treasurer of West Virginia, is ecstatic to share the news that on October 6, 2022, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals issued an Order that dissolved the injunction issued by the July Circuit Court that had prevented the Hope Scholarship Program from moving forward. The option for West Virginia families to select the educational programs that are the most suitable for their children has been restored, and Treasurer Moore applauds the Court for moving so quickly in this matter. As soon as humanly possible, the Hope Scholarship Board will get together to discuss and work out the numerous implementation challenges that have arisen in order to get the program back up and running.

It is essential to be aware that families participating in the Hope Scholarship program will not have access to program funds right away, and it is highly likely that they will not be able to make use of their Hope Scholarship accounts until the spring semester of the current school year. This hold up is due to factors that are outside of the Treasurer’s Office and the Hope Scholarship Board’s control. Unfortunately, the injunction that was issued in July barred any state agency from working on the Hope Scholarship Program or moving any funds related to the program.

Rest assured that the Hope Scholarship Board is working as swiftly as possible to resume the process of registering education service providers and to make program monies available to Hope Scholarship recipients.

Hope Scholarship WV- Legal History

Mountain State Justice, a nonprofit legal services firm, gave notice on August 11, 2021 to the officials of the state that it intends to bring litigation against the nation’s largest education savings account program in the nation. This notice was served by Mountain State Justice. The company contends that the program violates the prohibition against special laws in the state constitution because it does not include anti-discrimination protections that are offered by other laws and that it does not address the impact that it has on the formula used to determine how much money schools receive.
Hendrickson & Long Attorneys at Law, a private law company in Charleston, served notice on November 1, 2021, to state lawmakers that it also intends to bring litigation against the West Virginia Hope Scholarship. The notice stated that the firm wants to challenge the scholarship in court. Hendrickson & Long, in cooperation with national attorneys from Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., Newark, New Jersey, and Montgomery, Alabama, filed a lawsuit against the Hope Scholarship on January 19, 2022. The company claims the program violates the authority of the state board of education, decreases funding for public schools without a compelling state interest, uses School Fund monies that are designated to free schools, competes with the Legislature’s duty to provide a thorough and efficient system of free schools, and is an impermissible special law because it treats scholarship students differently than public school students regarding anti-discrimination. Pending. Civil Action No. 22-P-24, 25, and 26 in the Beaver v. Moore case is pending in the Kanawha County Circuit Court.

Cost for Hope Scholarship WV- Worth Over $4,600

The West Virginia Hope Scholarship is equivalent to one hundred percent of the prior year’s statewide average net state aid allotted per pupil based on net enrollment adjusted for the purposes of state aid (approximately $4,600 in 2020–21). This amounts to approximately 38 percent of the value of what is spent on each student in public schools. Students who are awarded a Hope Scholarship for a period of time that is less than the entire school year will receive an amount that is proportionately less than the total. Any funds that are not used will be carried over to the following academic year.

Fees for nationally standardized assessments, advanced placement exams, any college admission exams, and any preparatory courses for these exams; tutoring services; tuition and fees for courses leading to an industry-recognized credential; tuition and fees for non-public online learning programs. Qualifying expenses for Hope Scholarship accounts include individual classes and extracurricular activities provided by a public school district; tuition and fees for private schools; fees for nationally standardized assessments; fees for advanced placement exams; and fees for any college admission exams. Parents have the option of using monies from their children’s Hope Scholarships to pay for transportation services for their children, both to and from an educational service provider.

Hope Scholarship WV- Student Qualifications

Students must have either been enrolled in public school for the whole prior school year or have attended public elementary or secondary schools for at least 45 full-time instructional days of the application year. No matter how many years a student has attended public school before, they are all qualified for a Hope Scholarship in kindergarten.

Following initial approval, parents are able to extend their children’s Hope scholarships every year until the student graduates from high school or turns 21.

Hope Scholarship WV- Regulations and Rules

  • No upper income limit
  • Requirement for Previous Public School Year: Yes
  • State-wide is the region covered.
  • No enrollment cap; 100% average per-pupil aid;
  • no account cap
  • Nationally standardized assessments are required for testing (individualized instruction students)

Conditions for Parents

  • A parent’s promise to: Provide instruction in reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and social studies must be in writing.
  • Use the Hope Scholarship only for eligible costs.
  • obey all guidelines and specifications set forth by the Hope Scholarship Program Board.
  • Permit the student to take part in extracurricular activities including organized sports, art, music, and literature.
  • Any modifications or departures from the program should be reported to the Hope Scholarship Program Board.

WV Hope Scholarship application deadlines

For West Virginians attending an eligible in-state college or university, the Hope Scholarship is a need-based award. The scholarship can be renewed for up to four years and is supported by the state lottery.

There are two deadlines for the Hope Scholarship: one for returning students and one for incoming freshman.

By the time set by their preferred college, students are required to submit their scholarship applications. Visit the WV Hopescholarship website for further details on requirements and application procedures.


My financial situation has greatly benefited through the Hope Scholarship. It has made it possible for me to enroll in a university that I otherwise could not afford. I’ve had the chance to socialize with new individuals and discover various cultures as a result.

I’m incredibly appreciative of the Hope Scholarship. It has enabled me to attend college and has enhanced my personal development. Any students who are considering attending college should apply for the scholarship, in my opinion.


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