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In this article lets Study About Hope Scholarship Florida, The Hope Scholarship is for Florida public school children in kindergarten through grade 12 who have experienced bullying, harassment, assault, threats, or other violent acts to transfer to another public school or enroll in an authorized private school.

Beginning with the 2018–19 academic year, a student in kindergarten through grade 12 enrolled in a Florida public school who has experienced a battery, harassment, hazing, bullying, kidnapping, physical attack, robbery, sexual offenses, sexual harassment, sexual assault, or sexual battery, threat or intimidation, or fighting at school will have the option to transfer to another public school with capacity or enroll in an approved private school under the Horace Mann Act. However, the district does not need to provide proof before offering a transfer to another public school with capacity or the option for the student to transfer to an approved private school on a scholarship. Incidents reported may be examined at the district level. In Florida, it is the duty of school district staff to inform families about the Hope Scholarship Program.

Academic performance may deteriorate for a student who has been subjected to harassment, hazing, intimidation, violence, or any of the numerous forms of bullying that can occur in a school setting. They might continue to experience feelings of danger in an environment that is supposed to make them feel safe and at ease.

The Hope Scholarship provides financial assistance to families in order to assist them in locating a secure educational setting that is conducive to the success of their K-12 pupils who have been bullied. The scholarship offers financial assistance, which can be put toward the cost of attending either a private school or a public school that is located in a different district. this scholarship aims to eliminate and also support families in making sure that the students feels comfortable and safe to learn.

Hope Scholarship Florida-Eligibility Process

Students in public district schools from kindergarten through high school who have been the target of bullying or violence are eligible for Hope Scholarships. After a parent reports a bullying incident that meets certain criteria to school officials, school administrators are obligated to inform the parents of the victimized student about their child’s eligibility for the Hope Scholarship. Incidents such as battery, harassment, bullying, kidnapping, physical attack, robbery, sexual assault, threat and intimidation, as well as assault and fighting in school, are examples of incidents that qualify for protection under this law.

Incidents that meet the criteria can take place inside of a school building, on school grounds, at any school-related or school-sponsored program or activity, on a school bus, or at a bus stop. Students must be Florida residents. Students who are already receiving financial assistance from a Florida SFO in the form of another scholarship are ineligible for Hope Scholarships.

Hope Scholarship Florida- Rules and Regulations

  • Income Limit: None
  • Prior Year Attendance at a Public School Is Required: Yes
  • There is no geographical restriction.
  • Enrollment Cap: None
  • Up to 96 percent of unweighted FTE can be awarded in scholarships ($7,169 in 2020–21).
  • Both nationally norm-referenced tests and state tests may be required for graduation.
  • Credit Value: 100 percent
  • The maximum allowable credit per donor is $105
  • The overall limit on tax credits is nothing.

SFO Requirements

  • Ensure that at least 97% of the contributions go toward scholarship funding.
  • Notify the parents of students who have been awarded scholarships, using the first-come, first-served policy.
  • Set a deadline by which the parent of a participating student must provide confirmation that their child will continue to participate in the program.
  • Families should not be charged an application fee.
  • Give priority to students who are continuing their studies.
  • The Department of Education in Florida requires that you produce and submit reports on a quarterly basis.
  • At least once every three months, make payments to the parents or private schools that qualify.

Hope Scholarship Florida Amounts, Ranging Between $6,673 and $7,169

Hope Scholarships are a program that allows buyers of motor vehicles in the state of Florida to donate up to $105 per vehicle purchased, with the maximum donation amount not to exceed the total amount of state sales tax paid on the purchase. Taxes that are paid on leases or rentals do not qualify for contributions to the Hope Scholarship, nor do taxes paid on heavy trucks, trailers, tractor trailers, or motorcycles. Neither do taxes paid on other types of vehicles.

Organizations that provide funding for scholarships are obligated to provide funding for cap scholarships at a rate that falls within the range of 85 to 96 percent of Florida’s unweighted full-time equivalent amount. In the school year 2020–21, the maximum award amounts for these scholarships range from $6,673 to $7,169, depending on the student’s home school district and grade level. Students who use the program to transfer to a public school that is located outside of their attendance zone are eligible to receive a reimbursement for their transportation costs of up to $750. Scholarships will be given out by SFOs on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to students who are renewing their enrollment.

 How To Apply

To apply for the Hope scholarship Florida you need to follow through the this process

start your applications by clicking on the step up for Student the Scholarship Funding Organization that administers this program.


How can I submit a Hope Scholarship application?
When applications are being accepted, they are completed online for the Hope Scholarship. Please read on for crucial details you should be aware of before applying:

The incident had to take place on or after August 1, 2018, or otherwise.
The school principal or his/her designee must receive a report of an occurrence before an investigation can begin.
The principal or his/her designee must inform the parent about the Hope Scholarship and give them a properly filled out Hope Scholarship Notification Form once the investigation is over or within 15 days of the incident being reported (whichever comes sooner) (Form IEPC-HS1). To help Step Up For Students establish your eligibility for the Hope Scholarship, you must submit this form along with your online application. Please make sure the principal or someone designated by him or her fills out every section of the form. Application processing will be delayed if incomplete forms are submitted.
In the order they are received, applications are processed. Depending on funds availability, scholarships are given to qualified students on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is granted to renewal students who received the Hope Scholarship the previous academic year.

What options does my child have, and what might the Hope Scholarship help with?
Families can select from the following options:

  • financial support for the costs of attending a private school.
  • assistance with transportation to a public school in a different district of education.

Can a student from Step Up For Students earn more than one scholarship?
Although they may be qualified for several scholarships, applicants cannot receive money from more than one scheme.

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