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lets discuss Provost Scholarship in this article,Undergraduate Admissions presents this grant to graduating high school seniors as a way to reward those students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance. This scholarship program does not require applicants to submit a separate application. Students who submit an application to the University of Central Florida for either the summer or fall terms are automatically considered.

The award is given to first-year students who have been accepted into the university and who have outstanding academic credentials and personal accomplishments. The application for admission to SMU was subjected to a detailed and all-encompassing analysis, and the results of that analysis determined this award.

Provost Scholarship- Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduate Admissions will grant this scholarship to a deserving high school senior who has been accepted to attend the university for either the summer or the fall term. You are responsible for taking note of the following information if you are a recipient of any of the scholarships that are offered through this program.

Hours That Are Required

Every student is required to register for at least 12 credit hours at UCF to be considered a full-time student at UCF. For the purpose of determining eligibility for this scholarship, dual or transitory credit earned at another school will not be factored into the calculation of the number of hours required for full-time enrollment. Students who are in their final semester of study are eligible for the one and only exemption from the requirement that they be enrolled full-time.

Students are required to present a memo on letterhead from their academic advisor explaining the following in order for the exception to be provided to them:

  • Name of the student and UCFID number
  • It is anticipated that you will graduate this semester.
  • Identify the class(es) that must be completed before graduation.
  • Identifying information regarding the bachelor’s degree that will be obtained.

The UCF Scholarship Committee must give its approval before an exception can be made for a student who enrolls in fewer than six hours of UCF coursework during their final semester at the university. If students want a decision on their request to be made before the start of their graduating semester, they should submit it at least two months in advance of the commencement of that semester.

Provost Scholarship- Cost for Scholarship Worth over $15,000- $120,000

The maximum amount of the award is $120,000, which can be paid out at a rate of up to $30,000 per year or $15,000 each semester for a total of eight semesters, four years, or until graduation, whichever occurs first. The winner must continue to attend SMU on a full-time basis and maintain a grade point average at SMU of at least 3.000 in order to be eligible for renewal of the award.

Application Process

Every student is required to register for at least 12 credit hours at UCF in order to be considered a full-time student at UCF. Students have the option to make an appeal to the UCF Scholarship Committee in the case that there are extenuating circumstances that prevent them from enrolling full-time. Exceptions to the rule must be requested prior to the beginning of the semester for which an appeal is being lodged.

In the event that you fail to get approval to enroll for fewer than full-time hours, the scholarship will be terminated. CLICK Here to Start an Application now

Provost Scholarship- Renewal Requirement Process

Once per year, after spring grades have been released, an assessment of academic progress is carried out. The following are the annual requirements that students need to fulfill in order to maintain their eligibility for the scholarship:

In order for students to be eligible for this prize, they must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher during the academic year.
Students who will be admitted before the fall of 2021 are required to have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours between the fall and spring terms of the prior academic year.

To illustrate, if a student had 12 hours of coursework scheduled for the previous semester and earned 9 hours, the student would need to register for and successfully complete 15 hours of coursework during the subsequent semester in order to have earned an average of 24 hours by the time the evaluation period came to a close.
Students who were admitted after the fall of 2021: Students are required to earn a minimum of 30 credit hours during the entirety of each academic year (fall, spring, and summer terms combined). Students who did not earn the required 30 credit hours between the fall and spring semesters might use the summer term to make up the difference and fulfill the requirement for maintaining 30 credit hours.
achieved the minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) needed by UCF by the end of each spring term. It is not possible to count grades obtained over the summer that were gained after the spring evaluation towards scholarship renewal requirements.
Repeat Checking is a term used to describe how the University evaluates your performance in classes that you have already completed more than once. There are repercussions for both your grade point average and your academic standing that result from repeating a class (freshman, sophomore, etc).


How long will it be before I stop receiving the provost scholarship?

up to a total of eight terms, or until graduation, whichever comes first.

Students who have declared a major that requires 124 or more credit hours are eligible for a one-term extension (double majors and minors are not considered). The Office of Student Financial Assistance requires, prior to the beginning of the 9th term, a letter (on letterhead) from the department verifying the amount of hours required for the degree. This letter must be presented.

When school is out for the summer, are I able to use my Provost Scholarship?

No. The Provost Scholarship is only offered in the autumn and spring semesters of each academic year.

How are students chosen to receive Provost Scholarships?

Undergraduate Admissions gives out these scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement during their time in high school.

CLICK Here to Start an Application now

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