Hawak Kamay Scholarship| How can Apply for HK Scholarship

In this Article lets talk about Hawak Kamay Scholarship, For students entering senior high school, entering first-year college students, and transferees, the Hawak Kamay Scholarship is now available, allowing them to achieve a better future. Be a PHINMAEd scholar by submitting your application right away for the HK Scholarship Program at PHINMA Republican College!

HK Scholarships are awarded by PHINMA Education to incoming freshmen from low-income families. There is no required sustaining grade for this scholarship. The school’s review of your application will determine whether you qualify for a 25 percent, 50 percent, or 75 percent reduction on other expenses.
In an effort to give more students the possibility to receive a top-notch education, PHINMA UI offers scholarship grants. For their more financially disadvantaged students, there provide the Handog Kaibigan Scholarship, their flagship grant, which offers a 50% discount on tuition and other costs for four years.

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In Cabanatuan City, PHINMA began with a single school that could accommodate 5,000 students. With over 95,000 students in the Philippines and Indonesia, they are a rapidly expanding network.

Hawak Kamay Scholarship- What are the Qualification?

An applicant must be a low-income family member entering senior high school, entering as a freshman, or transferring into any PHINMA Education school in the Philippines.

PHINMA Benefits worth up to P10,000

Students at Hawak Kamay (HK) will have the opportunity to:

  1. The total cost of the Hawak Kamay Scholarship Senior for High School is either P9,500 (HK Grant plus Private School/ESC Voucher) or P5,500 (HK Grant plus DepEd Public School Voucher).
  2. For the duration of the program, the Hawak Kamay Scholarship for College offers 75% or 55% off tuition.
  3. HK 10K at a fixed rate of P10,000 each semester (exclusive for Business Administration, Accountancy, Information Technology, and Communication)
  4. The P150K annual tuition price up until graduation is covered by the Hawak Kamay Scholarship for the School of Medicine.
  5. The PHINMA Scholarship offers a P4,000 monthly allowance in addition to a full scholarship stipend (selected programs only) The Best You Scholarship for International Students pays for all of the first-year costs as well as books (exclusive for international students)
  6. Additional medical school awards include: (The Alumni and Dependents’ Discount includes a 10% tuition discount; the PHINMA Employee Dependent Discount includes a 25% tuition discount.)

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 What courses are available for HK application?

Students who plan to pursue the BS in Business Administration, BS in Information Technology, or BA in Communication can reopen their applications for the HK scholarship.

Hawak Kamay Scholarship- SCHOOL SYSTEMS IN PHINMA:

  • Araullo University, PHINMA
  • PHINMA University of Pangasinan (UPang)
  • (SJC) Saint Jude College, Philippines
  • Republican College of Pennsylvania
  • Rizal College of Laguna (RCL) PHINMA
  • Union College of Laguna (UCL)
  • Araullo University, PHINMA
  • (UI) University of Iloilo, Philippines
  • Southwestern University (SWU)
  • Cagayan de Oro College (PHINMA:COC)

Application Deadlines

The deadline for the Hawak Kamay Scholarship is December 21, 2022.

Application Process

Find all application steps below:
1. Complete the online application form completely

2. Create a brief 3-minute video in which you explain why you should receive a Hong Kong Scholarship and send it to the provided email address, info.au@phinmaed.com.


What is HK scholarship in phinma?

Students who pass the Hawak Kamay (HK) qualifying examination taken during the pre-enrollment period of the particular school year are awarded the scholarship. To coincide with the early registration period, a list of passers will be made public or disclosed.

How can I get scholarship in University of Iloilo?

The applicant must be one of the top 10 seniors in a list of senior high schools. The student is required to enroll in a priority board program. The student must succeed on the test to qualify for the award.

Why did you apply for hawak kamay scholarship?

More You should apply for the Hawak Kamay Scholarship for College Students 2022 because it will cover the full cost of your academic pursuits at the institution, and it is renewable each semester.

Is Hawak Kamay scholarship still available?

The Extended Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023–2024 has been announced by Southwestern University PHINMA for students in their senior year of high school, college, and future medical students. The choice is in line with PHINMA Education’s mission to build a country where every Filipino family has access to the necessities for a respectable life.

How much is the tuition fee in Phinma COC?

Senior High School in Phoenix is no cost. This means that students from Public Junior High Schools who participate in the two-year K-12 Program run by DepEd are funded by the government and do not have to pay tuition or other expenses. At PHINMA, explore the world of senior high school!




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