UE Scholarship- How Can I get an Application to Study

In this Article lets Talk about UE Scholarship, International students can apply for UE Scholarship Schemes at University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Germany, starting in 2022. The scholarship allows students to enroll in Masters, Postgraduate, and Undergraduate level programs in any subject area offered by University of Europe.

With a UE scholarship, you not only have a financial edge but may also market your resume and yourself to potential companies. Depending on the scholarship you are looking for, you may also need to create a brief motivation letter or a creative portfolio or online portfolio in order to be considered for one of our awards. Please explain how your accomplishments make you eligible for the scholarship you have selected.

UE Scholarship- Application closing dates

Scholarship for Cultural Diversity or Sherryl Kintu Scholarship:

  1. for our winter semester by August 2 at midnight (of the current year).
  2. for our summer session, before February 2 at midnight (of the current year).

Details on the UE-Scholarship Programs


University of Europe for Applied Sciences provided the funding.

Open to candidates for any of the aforementioned Potsdam programs:
Data Science M.Sc., Software Engineering B.Sc., UX/UI Design B.A., Creative Computing M.Sc., and Digital Product Management B. Sc.

Two thousand euros ($2,000; $1,000 for the first semester and $1,000 for the second semester)

Concerning the scholarship: All digital pioneers and those who want to become pioneers are eligible for this scholarship. UE Innovation Hub’s digital pioneer scholarship might help you improve your resume. In your motivational letter, you must explain why you are a digital pioneer or why you plan to become one.

2. International Hamburg Scholarship

University of Europe for Applied Sciences provided the funding.

Open to candidates for a program at UE in Hamburg that speaks English:
Business and Management Studies B.Sc., Digital Business & Data Science B.Sc., Digital Media & Marketing B.Sc., Sport & Event Management B.Sc., Smart City Management M.Sc., and Corporate Management M.Sc.

Amount: 1,500 euros ($750,00 first year, $750 second year).

Concerning the scholarship: All overseas students are eligible for a scholarship to study in Hamburg, Germany, the country’s center for creative and athletic management. Describe your qualifications for the scholarship and why you want to attend UE in Hamburg in your application.


University of Europe for Applied Sciences provided the funding.

Open to candidates for UE Berlin’s English-speaking business or sports management programs:
Business and Management Studies B.Sc., Sport & Event Management B.Sc., Finance Management M.Sc., International Sport & Event Management M.A., Corporate Management M.Sc., Smart City Management M.Sc.

Amount: 1,500 euros ($750,00 first year, $750 second year).

Concerning the scholarship: If you believe that this scholarship will help you launch your career as an entrepreneur in the future, submit an application. Explore the Berlin startup landscape in depth. You possess entrepreneurial thinking? If so, this scholarship is created just for you. In your motivational letter, explain why you intend to become an entrepreneur in the future and what you have accomplished to date for the Scholarship.


University of Europe for Applied Sciences provided the funding.

Open to applicants for UE Berlin’s English-speaking art and design program:
Film + Motion B.A., Illustration B.A., Photography B.A., Photography M.A., New Media Design M.A., Communication Design B.A.

Amount: 1,500 euros ($750,00 first year, $750 second year).

Concerning the scholarship: Berlin, one of the most creative cities in the world, is where you reside and share your talent. Submit an application for this scholarship opportunity to show us your creative side. You will have the opportunity to enhance your resume with this distinguished scholarship by earning one of the five scholarships offered each semester. When applying, please include a motivational letter outlining your artistic history and linking to your Instagram or other social media profile or an online undertaking/portfolio.

UE Scholarship- FAQs

Is there a scholarship in UE?

Students in grades 7 and 11 who demonstrate merit are eligible to apply for the following scholarships: Full Scholarship for Graduate Class Member with Grade One. Half Scholarship for Class of 2019 Graduates in Rank 2.

How much percentage is required for scholarship in Europe?

Your high school exam must have a minimum grade of 50%. For admission to various universities in Europe, you might need to take the entrance exam. You could occasionally be required to take a test in the national language of the European nation to which you are applying for admission.

How much is the tuition fee in UE?

The first-semester tuition fee for UE BSIT freshmen will be P44,838.65 for the first semester of the school year 2020–2021. (equal to 20 units).

Is there entrance exam in UE?

conducting/administering the UE Competency and Interest Assessment (UE-CAIA) to incoming Senior High School (Grade 11) students and the UE College Entrance Test (CET) to new freshmen and transfer students, as well as assisting them in enrolling.

What is the passing grade in UE?

A general average of 85 or higher is required, and no subject shall receive a failing mark. The conduct grade must be at least 85%, a B, or Good.

What courses is UE known for?

The UE College of Fine Arts, Architecture, and Design welcomes serious aspirants who wish to pursue careers as designers, architects, and artists in the fields of Visual Communication, Architecture, Interior Design, Painting, and Multimedia Arts.

UE Scholarship- Application Process

to get an application for this wonderful opportunity CLICK HERE to start the application Process.

Eligibility nationalities

worldwide students.




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