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Aboitiz scholarship

Aboitiz scholarship

Aboitiz scholarship, Are you a current undergraduate student majoring in a STEM or business-related field who will be starting your first semester this fall? Still searching for a scholarship to aid in funding your education? Because, let’s face it, not every family has the financial resources to support their children’s needs, especially in these epidemic times.

The good news is that the Aboitiz Foundation has just announced that applications for the Aboitiz College Scholarship Program (ACSP) for the school year 2022-2023 are already open. Since its establishment in 2000, the scholarship has assisted over a thousand students.

Describe the Aboitiz scholarship.

Poverty is “not an excuse for not acquiring a good education and attaining one’s dreams,” according to the Aboitiz Foundation. Our educational initiatives work to close the employment-education gap, giving people the tools they need to improve their lives and those of their families. Our social impact is quantified in terms of both numbers and the quality of lives improved. In addition to their corporate social obligations (CSR), which help the most deserving students pay for their education, they also do this.

The Aboitiz Foundation has announced that the Aboitiz College Scholarship Program (ACSP) applications for the academic year 2022–2023 are now open. About a thousand students have benefited from the scholarship since it was founded in 2000.

What conditions must be met?

A candidate must fulfill the following requirements in order to be eligible for the Aboitiz College Scholarship Program 2022–2023:

  • a first-year student enrolled full-time in a college or university that is qualified.
  • Go after a degree that the Aboitiz Foundation advises.
  • Obtain a GWA of at least 88 percent while maintaining a perfect attendance record.
  • There shouldn’t be any incomplete or failing grades.
  • There is no history of any sort of punishment.
  • Must have submitted all necessary paperwork on time and completed the online application form.

The Aboitiz Foundation has defined what levels.

  • Accounting
  • Business/Management/Finance
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Social Sciences or Communication (Psychology, Economics, and Political Science)

What are the requirements for documentation?

  • Senior High School Report Card, which includes your third quarter or final grades, whichever is available.
  • Recommendation Letter from the Principal
  • Documentation of achievements and extracurricular activities

Benefits of Aboitiz scholarships

The Aboitiz College Scholarship Program provides funding to pay all costs, including tuition, books, transportation, and other expenses.

Additionally, for degrees that require a board exam after graduation, scholars receive a monthly stipend and board review fees.

What types of documentation are needed?

  • Proof of Honors
  • and Recommendation for Extracurricular Activities
  • Senior High School Report Card with your third-quarter grades
  • or final grades, depending on what is available

Process of Selection and Screening

  • The applications will be examined by the Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
  • Candidates that make the short list will be invited to a panel interview with the Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
  • Candidates who make it through the interview stage must take a test that is given by a third party source.
  • The selected applicants will be contacted by phone or email.

Additionally, write a personal essay explaining why you should be given the scholarship.

Candidates are also asked to offer details about the potential assessor. A link to the referral form will be provided to you.

Academic judge

  • Any of the following can serve as the academe evaluator:
  • Class Advisor
  • Teacher of the applicant in at least one topic School
  • Guidance Counselor or Student Affairs Officer School Principal Adviser of a school-based group where you are a member

non-academic assessor

Any member of the public who can attest to your aptitude and potential can serve as the nonacademic evaluator. Examples include:

  • Parish Priest
  • Captain of the Barangay Councilor of the Barangay
  • Employee

The letter of recommendation from your evaluator is crucial. Give your evaluators the following inquiries to use as a reference:

  • For how long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
  • What qualities or skills do you think the applicant possesses?
  • What do you think the applicant needs to work on the most?
  • Why would you recommend the ACSP applicant?
  •  Anything else that could be of assistance to the scholarship selection panel.

selecting a candidate

The Scholarship Selection Committee of ACSP will accept all applications, and Corporate HR will assess them.

The following standards are used to evaluate each application:

  • prizes for leadership abilities
  •  academic accomplishment
  • advice on involving the community
  • individual essay

Only the top 60 candidates will move on to the first round of interviews. The top 30 candidates will move on to the panel interview after the preliminary interview.

Others inquire

How do I apply for an Aboitiz scholarship?

What conditions must be met?

  1. a first-year student enrolled full-time in a college or university that is qualified.
  2. Go after a degree that the Aboitiz Foundation advises.
  3. Obtain a GWA of at least 88 percent while maintaining a perfect attendance record.
  4. There shouldn’t be any incomplete or failing grades.

How can you qualify for a full scholarship?

  1. Recognize where to look.
  2. Get ready in advance.
  3. Work hard and remain inspired.
  4. Make an effort to distinguish yourself from other candidates.
  5. Read the application guidelines thoroughly.
  6. Send in a standout cover letter or scholarship essay.
  7. Be sensible.

Which nation offers the most scholarships?

Germany. an especially well-liked destination for international students seeking admission. It makes sense given that practically all institutions in Germany are free to attend and that the DAAD, the nation’s largest scholarship foundation, offers a grant to help with living expenses.

Which country issues student visas quickly?

A: Obtaining a student visa for any country requires some work, however as an Indian student, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are the most well-known possibilities for quick visa acquisition.

About Aboitiz

Paulino Aboitiz established Aboitiz & Company (ACO) in Ormoc, Leyte in the late 1800s as an abaca trade and general merchandise company. Later, the company expanded into inter-island transportation to move its products across the Visayas. It was initially incorporated in 1920 and currently acts as the Aboitiz family’s private holding corporation.

Paulino Aboitiz’s second son Don Ramon took over the company’s management and laid a solid platform for growth and expansion. ACO began as a small commercial company and has expanded and diversified into a number of businesses offering specialized services in important sectors that support the development of the country.

ACO’s growth from a tiny family firm to one of the biggest and most reputable business groups in the Philippines is a monument to the company’s strong foundation based on fairness, integrity, trust, and quality.

Aboitiz repeats the time-honored ideology of Don Ramon, the legacy of excellence nurtured and strengthened over the past century, with five generations of family and professional management supporting its business success.

As we anticipate our next 100 years, our goal and promise—to advance business and communities—will serve as a compass for our path to growth.

Aboitiz scholarship

The Aboitiz Foundation presents scholarship certificates to ten deserving candidates for the Aboitiz-Uplift Code Camp, a six-month intensive training course where participants learn full-stack web development, programming, and IT to help them advance their skills and launch a career in software development. At the Aboitiz Group’s main office in NAC Tower, Taguig City, president and chief operating officer of the Aboitiz Foundation Maribeth Marasigan and CEO of Uplift Code Camp Ruffa Carreon presented certificates to the scholars.

Energy is being transformed by us for a better world.@

Our dedication to addressing the worldwide issue of power consumption and its detrimental effects on the environment is just as vital as our aim of offering dependable, reasonable, and responsible energy solutions.

We are the leading supplier of renewable energy in the country along with our alliance partners. In our business operations, we promote the well-being of the people and the environment through our Balanced Mix Portfolio in power generation, distribution, and retail electrical services.

The mission of AboitizPower is to ignite positive environmental change while empowering every home and aspiration.


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