DOH Scholarship- How to get an Application to Study

In this Article Lets Talk About DOH Scholarship, In the Philippines, the Department of Health (DOH) is the leading healthcare organization. By providing high-quality medical care and controlling the distribution of health products and services, it is accountable for ensuring that all Filipinos have access to fundamental public health services.

This needs to be made clear, The Philippine government’s executive branch is also involved.

Additionally, it is in charge of assuring access to fundamental public health services. By offering high-quality medical treatment, this is accomplished. and the oversight of all healthcare services and goods.

The DOH created the medical scholarship program. To improve the caliber of medical workers injected into the system, this was done.

DOH Scholarship- Eligibility Process

The DOH Scholarships 2022 are available to students attending these public universities:

  1. Philippines University. Located in Manila’s Ermita.
  2. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila is another. This is in Manila’s Intramuros neighborhood.
  3. Cagayan State University is another. This is situated in Tuguegarao City’s Carig Sur.
  4. West Visayas State University is another. Lapaz, Iloilo City is the location of this.
  5. The School of Health Sciences at the University of the Philippines is another. The location is Palo, Leyte.

Requirement for DOH Scholarship

The following conditions apply to DOH Scholarships 2022:

  • You have to be a Filipino citizen by birth.
  • you need to hold a bachelor’s degree. You should receive this from a legitimate organization. The postgraduate program will use this.
  • And you were expected to have followed through on all academic preparations.
  •  you ought to have a 2.50 general weighted average. Or, it’s superior or equal. This is nevertheless dependent on the medical school.
  • You must also have an NMAT score of 45 or higher. Furthermore, the medical school makes a difference.
  • Additionally, you must not have failed any classes throughout your undergraduate studies.
  • Furthermore, the medical school makes a difference.
  • Additionally, you must not have a history of having your entrance denied.
  • Additionally, you must not be guilty of any crimes involving moral turpitude in your past.
  • You must also succeed on the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).
  • You also need to have passed a panel interview process.

Cost for DOH Scholarship Worth up Over PhP 4,500- Php12,100

You have a chance of having your tuition and lab fees covered. Other school fees have also been paid directly to the affiliated institutions. Additionally, stipends directly given to students are made up of:

  1. living assistance (PhP 4,500). This is a monthly payment.
  2. Moreover, a lodging allowance (PhP 3,000). This is a monthly payment.
  3. also, a travel reimbursement (PhP 800). Additionally, it is paid each month.
  4. additional book allowance (PhP 12,100). This is a monthly payment.
  5. Additionally, uniform allowance (PhP 3,025). This is a monthly payment.
  6. Miscellaneous allowance is also included (PhP 5,500). Additionally, it is paid each month.
  7. also, yearly medical insurance (PhP2,400). And that figure is yearly. Additionally, the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. must get direct payment.
  8. Furthermore, Mindanao State University. This is situated at Iligan City’s Bonifacio Avenue.

DOH Scholarship- Application Process

Applicants must submit an application to one of the aforementioned partner schools. When accepted, students can complete the scholarship application and request a DOH evaluation of themselves. They can get help with this from the school.

Why Philippine DOH Scholarship Is Important

The DOH’s medical student scholarship program increases the number of healthcare professionals in the provinces. Filipinos will feel more confident that they can live healthily in rural areas if there are doctors there. They won’t have to go as far, which also addresses the issue of city congestion. Good luck with your application; it’s a win-win situation for all parties.



Is there scholarship for medical school Philippines?

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED), through the Office of Student Development and Services (OSDS), is now accepting applications for the CHED Medical Scholarship and Return Service (MSRS) Program for Doctor of Medicine program for SY 2022–2023. This program is known as the “Doktor Para Sa Bayan” Act.

What is the best scholarship in the Philippines?

One of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the Philippines is the CHED program. After completing their selected college courses, CHED Scholarship candidates can take advantage of a variety of options thanks to sponsorship from the nation’s highest educational authority.

Which scholarship is best for medical students?

Scholarships Available to MBBS Students

  1. National Scholarship and Education Test (NEST Senior)
  2. Bharati Education Scheme.
  3. Scholarship given by Vijayalakshmi R.L. Jalappa.
  4. Vahani Fellowships
  5. Educational Crisis Scholarship from HDFC.
  6. Scholarship from the combined counseling board.
  7. Pre-medical Scholarship Test for All of India.

How do medical students get scholarships?

Look into scholarship opportunities with the medical schools you are applying to or are already attending, particularly the office of minority affairs. Ask for a financial aid packet from the financial aid office of the medical school and inquire about any specific scholarships offered by that institution.






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