International Scholarship for Filipino Students| How do I Apply to Study

In this Article lets talk about International Scholarship for Filipino Students, Over 22,709 Filipino students are enrolled in universities around the world, according to UNESCO statistics on student mobility. The majority of Filipino students prefer to study abroad in English-speaking nations including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. The cost is one of the biggest obstacles a foreign student has to overcome when organizing their trip! In order to support Filipino students’ aspirations of studying abroad without having to worry about the expense, we have put together a list of foreign scholarships!

Prestigious International Scholarships Available to Filipino Students

For students from the Philippines, below is a list of some of the top foreign scholarships:

Eligibility for scholarships

  • Master’s and doctoral degree Eiffel Scholarships for International Students in France
  • KTH Masters Scholarships
  • International Scholarship Program at Lund University Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree
  • Uppsala University Masters Degree Global Scholarships
  • Swedish Institute Masters (MS) Degree Scholarships for International Professionals
  • Excellence Masters Fellowships at the University of Geneva Masters (MS) Degree
  • Masters (MS) Degree Ampère Excellence Scholarships for International Students
  • Masters (MS) Degree Radboud Scholarship Program for International Students
  • Masters (MS) Degree Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students
  • MBA/Masters Degree Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships

International Scholarship for Filipino Students- Filipino students can receive scholarships in the UK.

International students who want to study in the UK can get assistance from SI-UK in finding scholarships, bursaries, and funding. Over 100 special scholarships have been awarded to overseas students who use our services, and thanks to SI-close UK’s relationships to UK colleges and our online resources, all eligible applicants can choose the scholarship that will best serve their future.

International Scholarship for Filipino Students- Actions we shall take

  • Inform you of any university programs with scholarships available only to SI-UK students
  • Give current details about regional and international scholarships

International Scholarship for Filipino Students- Applying for scholarships in the UK

Make an appointment for your free consultation in Manila right now if you’re interested in learning more about scholarships at UK universities.


How can I get a full scholarship to study abroad?

Some of the most typical prerequisites for scholarship applications are as follows:

  1. Application or registration form
  2. The personal essay or letter of motivation
  3. recommendation letter
  4. a letter of acceptance from a university.
  5. Statements of official finances that attest to low income.

How can I study abroad from Philippines for free?

5 Strategies for Cheap or Free Study Abroad

  • Choose a nation where living expenses are reasonable. You don’t need to spend a fortune to pursue your studies abroad.
  • Directly enroll at a university or language school abroad.
  • finish a work-study assignment.
  • Choose a budget-friendly study abroad program.
  • Apply for grants and scholarships.


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