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Acer Scholarship, Rensham is a boarding school that has a global perspective and thinks ahead. Frensham, one of the most esteemed independent schools for girls in Australia, provides pupils with the best of both worlds:

a wonderful atmosphere for studying and living, as well as a strict commitment to academics. Frensham girls are pushed and supported to develop 21st century abilities and the motivation to make a positive change in the world through a personalized and flexible curriculum.
Frensham accepts applications for scholarships that can reduce tuition and boarding costs by up to 50% for exceptional students whose parents share the school’s values.
(Day, weekly, and full-boarders.)

Acer Scholarship


Acer Scholarship

Scholarships are offered for 2023.

  • Southern Highlands Entrance (Day OR Boarding)
  •  Sydney (Boarding)  Rural and Regional (Boarding)
  •  ICPA (Isolated Children and Parents Association) (Boarding)

The Scholarship Application must contain the following:

  • Please submit your application with these attached. Please remember to include the $220 application fee for unregistered students.
  • Work samples—a maximum 4-page (A4) summary of work samples pertinent to the application, which may also include scanned images.
  • Work samples: A maximum four-page (A4) overview of relevant work samples for the application, which may also include scanned photographs.
  •  A copy of the reports from the last 12 months, including NAPLAN (Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 for Years 7–11 Entry) * Please provide the entire “Additional Student Report” report (four pages)
  • Results of the Academic Competition (as applicable)
  • a copy of the applicant’s passport

What are the Ignite Entry Test and the ACER® Private School Scholarship?

The ACER® Scholarship Tests consist of a series of academic ability tests used to select students for the award of a scholarship. Independent schools around Australia choose a testing date which best suits their school needs. The Ignite program is offered in 3 schools in South Australia including Glenunga International High School. Ignite program focuses on Gifted and Talented students by offering accelerated learning programs from year 7 onwards.

Who should take the ACER® test?

For pupils entering Year 7 in 2023, “Secondary Level – 1” will be our aim. Consequently, we will start providing possibilities for pupils who are in the fifth grade in 2021. The next test is expected to be held in February 2022 for 2023 school entrance since exams are typically held in February each year.

What are the ACCELERATED course’s specifics and format?

In order to instruct and train students in the most effective manner possible, Tutors SA adopts a structured approach in this specialized scholarship course. Teachers and tutors on our staff are highly certified and experienced, and they instruct, test, and push students on a variety of test-relevant topics. To help pupils raise their standards, there are various exercises, questions, and/or practice tests every week. These are followed by regular homework assignments and mock exams.

Additionally, we will provide our registered children with FREE math homework assistance sessions.

What criteria are used in the tutors SA scholarship selection process?

A selection exam will be given to choose and group a small number of students due to the great demand. To be selected for the Tutors SA scholarship classes, you must take the test. After the test is completed, Tutors SA will promptly disclose the results and send further instructions on the enrollment procedure to the email address supplied at registration.

Date and time of the selection test: guaranteed to coincide with the dates of exam season

Exam Fee for Selection: Test marking and written feedback on the results are included in the $45.00 (plus GST) price.

location: Donash Education Center, 27 Montacute Road, Campbelltown, South Australia 5074, Tutors SA

Others inquire

How should I get ready for the Acer scholarship?

Before starting to write, students should spend a few minutes thoroughly planning their assignment. Short-term preparation for the tests is unlikely to increase performance because these abilities are acquired across a lifetime, both in and out of the classroom. Broad reading and critical thinking are the greatest preparation for them.

How should I get ready for the scholarship test?

Study hard and go to tutorials: The scholarship applicant must start studying seriously once he has obtained the materials on the likely subjects covered in the examination, and he should seek out tutorials for any subjects he finds challenging and is unable to understand on his own.

What is the Australian Acer Scholarship Test?

In Australia, the ACER Scholarship Tests are used to distinguish between academically talented pupils and identify scholarship candidates. The initiative offers assistance to the students, parents, and participating schools.

Are Acer exams challenging?

Exams for ACER scholarships are significantly more difficult than those for exclusive institutions in terms of choice (ACER correspondingly produces the NSW selective school test, Brisbane State High and GATE in Western Australia). While top colleges may have 225 spaces or more, a scholarship may only offer 1-3 spots each year.

Are Acer scholarship exams challenging?

How difficult is the ACER scholarship test then? There is also the issue of the extremely short time limit, which is often 25 minutes for a full-length essay and 60 seconds for a multiple-choice question. Your child should be performing in both Math and English at a level that is 1-2 grades above their current grade.

How do I pass an Acer exam?

Practice is the greatest approach to get ready for an ACER test. You can become accustomed to the question structure by taking practice examinations and simulated questions. This will also help you spot any areas of weakness and boost your speed and accuracy.

How can I qualify for a full scholarship?

Finding a Full Scholarship

  • Recognize where to look
  • Get ready in advance
  • Work hard and remain inspired
  • Make an effort to distinguish yourself from other candidates
  • Read the application guidelines thoroughly
  • Send in a standout cover letter or scholarship essay
  • Be sensible

terms of the scholarship

Scholarships are also available to students who enroll in technical or professional programs without taking a competitive exam. Such students should, however, have at least 50% in their upper secondary/graduate coursework.

What GPA do Australian scholarships require?

eligibility requirements for students starting graduate programs

A grade point average (GPA) of 6.0/7 or higher is necessary to qualify for a 30% scholarship.

What is an ACER scholarship exam, how difficult is it, and how much should you study?

It’s possible that you will be informed that your child will take an ACER scholarship exam if you have applied for or are planning to have them take one.

Scholarships allow parents to send their children to elite private schools for a fraction of the regular price, saving them about $7,000 each year ($40,000 over 6 years).

A scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will significantly improve your child’s chances of success in life. Now that you know what an ACER scholarship test is, how can you get your kid ready for it?

Australia has three main exam developers: ACER, Edutest, and Academic Assessment Services (aka AAS and formerly known as Robert Allwell & Associates).

The majority of schools rarely create their own scholarships

Because they evaluate concepts that your child DOESN’T learn in school, ACER scholarship exams are incredibly challenging, like the majority of scholarship exams. Problem-solving and reasoning are key components. According to Barbara Smith, the general manager of School Assessment:


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