Nishat Scholarship 2021|How Can I get an application to Study

In this Article lets talk about Nishat Scholarship 2021, For the NISHAT scholarship 2022, the NISHAT Boarding School & College in Murree and Islamabad is accepting applications. Students in grades 6 through 9 may also apply for this scholarship. Pakistani students from years ago are offered financial aid scholarships on both the school and college campuses. You can learn the correct procedures and the ins and outs of the Nishat Scholarship 2022 on this page. For an application form, visit, the Rational Testing Service (RTS) website.

Job opportunity has been announced by Nishat Scholarship in Pakistan. Before the deadline, all interested candidates must submit their applications and all the supporting documents.

The scholarship program for the class of 2022 at the Murree and Islamabad campuses of Nishat Boarding School has been announced. Students in grades 6 through 9 may apply for this scholarship. Only those students who were admitted to this school are eligible for this scholarship. Middle and high school admissions are now available. Despite being a private school, they are responsible for covering all of the students’ fees and other costs. The availability of hostels was declared by this school. The school stated that they do not charge the chosen pupils for hostel fees.

On the page and website, you can also see the prices and the entry schedule. This award is intended for bright, motivated students whose parents are unable to cover their tuition costs. Admission, tuition, and insurance costs are paid by the school.

Nishat Scholarship 2021- How to Get An Application

  1. The students who are interested in applying for a scholarship click on the link to view the test syllabus.
  2. According to the announcement for this award, applicants must first take the test, pass it with a score of at least 60 percent, and then be approved for the scholarship.
  3. Most students are perplexed because they believe their course content differs from that of other schools, so don’t worry. The administration of the school declared that each course has a unique test.
  4. Open Testing System announces the test.
  5. Exam scores are 100.
  6. The test form is downloaded by the students, who then correctly fill it out.
  7. The students’ proper date of birth entry is crucial. The majority of students submit inaccurate information, and several mistakes and issues arise during the screening process.
  8. Students submit the required paperwork to the office after completing the form.
  9. Students then wait for the roll number slip.

Nishat Scholarship 2021- Scholarship Program for Nishat Boarding School College Admission 2022

NISHAT Scholarship 2022 Summary: For the 2022 school year, Nishat Boarding School & College has opened up new admissions for grades 6 through 11. Scholarships with minimal fees are available from Nishat Boarding Schools and Colleges to smart, deserving, and diligent students. The NISHAT Scholarship Program 2022’s major goal is to assist outstanding students in continuing their education without having to pay tuition. If the Nishat Boarding School & College Scholarship Program interests you, you may get an application form and additional test materials by clicking here.

Nishat Scholarship 2021- Islamabad & Murree Nishat Boarding School & College

Overview NISHAT Schools: The Nishat Schools and Colleges are the ideal learning environments because they provide all students with a cutting-edge, superior education. In 1977, Madam Nishat Khanum was installed and the Nishat School’s foundation was laid. Nishat Boarding School gained popularity and in 1996 was transformed into a college. Nishat Schools and Colleges recently announced the admission of students in grades 6 through 11 on scholarships.

 Apply for the Nishat Scholarship 2022 RTS Online

Information on Nishat Scholarships including statistics: I’ll cover the essential information about the Nishat Scholarship Programs 2022 in this article. Let’s verify!

  • Type of Nishat Scholarship: Fully Funded (Tuition Fee, Insurance, Books Fee)
  • 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 1st year classes covered for the Nishat Scholarship
  • Students Eligibility: – Passed the prior class with honors
  • For the Nishat Scholarships written test: – Written tests in English, Urdu, science, and math from prior sessions will be administered using provisional books.

Nishat Scholarship 2021- Eligibility Criteria of Nishat Scholarship 2022

The distribution criteria for the Nishat Scholarship 2022 have been determined by the relevant authority. Only those who have applied for admission to a group of Nishat schools and colleges may submit an application for the Nishat Scholarship 2022. They must have strong academic credentials to compete for this award.

Admission to Nishat Boarding School & College 2022

Rational Testing Service RTS has been retained by Nishat School & College Group. RTS will administer exams to every applicant. A candidate must receive 60 out of 100 in order to be considered for this scholarship. Students who receive grades of at least 60% will be included in the interview pool. Your selection for the Nishat scholarship 2022 will be determined by how well you do in the interview.


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