Beaconhouse A Level Scholarship| How Can I get An Application to Study

In Article lets talk about Beaconhouse A Level Scholarship, Highly bright people can apply for a variety of academic merit scholarships from the Beaconhouse College Program based on how well they did in school the previous year. One of the highest honors a person can obtain is an academic merit scholarship, and receiving one raises their profile for future admittance to prestigious colleges and universities once they graduate from BCP.

Students who have excelled in academics or extracurricular activities in Malaysia are eligible for scholarships from Beaconhouse Malaysia. These scholarships are designed to make it possible for talented and deserving international students to continue their education with us. These scholarships will provide us a chance to recognize Malaysian students who are both exceptional scholars and those who will have a positive impact on the school environment.

Over £30,675 is the cost of the Beaconhouse Academic Excellence Scholarship (BBAES) for 2022–2023

The Brunel Beaconhouse Academic Excellence Scholarship is a three-year, 50% tuition price scholarship that can be worth up to £30,675 (based on a tuition charge of £20,450). Students from Pakistan’s Beaconhouse School System who pay tuition internationally are eligible to apply.

Beaconhouse A Level Scholarship- How to Apply

Current Beaconhouse School System (Pakistan) candidates may apply for the scholarship for any undergraduate program beginning in September 2022. Through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, candidates should submit an application for their desired programme (UCAS). B84 BRUNL is the institution code for Brunel. Direct applications are also welcome when made through a reputable agent.

By April 8, 2022, applicants must also submit the scholarship application form in its entirety. Prior to September 2022 enrollment, the scholarship will be awarded in August.

To contact the Admissions Office with any questions regarding these terms and conditions, send an email to

Beaconhouse A Level Scholarship- Eligibility Procedure

For the Brunel Beaconhouse Academic Excellence Scholarship, the following requirements must be met:

  • have been determined to be an overseas fee-paying student by Brunel University London. Applicants who are unclear about their fee status should be aware that Brunel will evaluate their fee status in accordance with UK government laws using the information they have supplied in their application form. Please check the website of the impartial organization UKCISA for details on these rules.
  • being enrolled as a student in a Pakistani Beaconhouse network school.
  • possess an offer to enroll in an undergraduate program of study beginning in September 2022 and meet the entry requirements for admission to their selected program of study.
  • must formally choose Brunel University London through UCAS by May 31, 2022.
  • All scholarships are awarded to applicants only in their first year, and they are awarded each year until they graduate (3-years).


possess a current address, a permanent address, or be a citizen of Pakistan.

Must meet one of the requirements and grades listed below:

  • BTEC Level 3 Extended National Diploma with DDD PLUS a BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma grade D.
  • 4 A-Levels with grades AAAA or higher.
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma with 37 points or higher.

The combination of qualifications or UCAS tariff equivalencies will not be allowed.

  • Throughout their tenure at the university, scholarship recipients will serve as ambassadors for Brunel and be expected to help with peer support and promotion efforts as needed. The International Recruitment or Marketing team will get in touch with scholarship awardees as and when their participation is required.

Beaconhouse A Level Scholarship- Those Who Are Not Eligible

No one is qualified for this scholarship because:

  1. Students already enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree at Brunel, as well as those taking English@Brunel, Pre-Sessional English, or a pathway course through Brunel Pathway College (BPC/LBIC).
  2. Those who have previously received a Brunel International Scholarship, either as part of their present studies or prior ones, or those who have received the Brunel International Scholarship in any prior academic year.
  3. Students who chose Brunel as their firm preference during adjustment or clearing.
  4. Transferring students from another institution.
  5. those enrolling in the MBBS programme in medicine.
  6. MEng, MMath, MMath in Financial Mathematics, or MSci in Environmental Science students that are in their last year.
  7. No consideration will be given to Level 5/Year 2 applicants for any scholarships or bursaries.

Beaconhouse A Level Scholarship- FAQs

Is Beaconhouse good for A levels?

The Beaconhouse A Level campuses offer a special blend of high school and college experiences that combine the best elements of each. A focus on personal growth and welfare, academic challenges, and a vibrant campus community all contribute to a fun and encouraging learning environment.

How do I get admission to Beaconhouse?

Application Procedure

  1. Registration. Parents will receive assistance from the Parent Relationship Officer when completing the registration form.
  2. Test. A rough timing for the admission test will be provided to the child and parents after the registration process is finished.
  3. Interview. An interview will be organized once the test has been passed.

What are the 3 best A-Levels?

The best A-levels in Physics for a particular degree subject.

  1. Biology.
  2. Medicine.
  3. Mathematics.
  4. Psychology.
  5. science of computers.
  6. Architecture.
  7. “Facilitating” topics

Is Beaconhouse in UK?

Beaconhouse is one of the biggest private school networks in the globe, with locations already established in the UK, Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, the UAE, Oman, Belgium, and Thailand.



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