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In this Article lets Talk about DIA Scholarships, At DIA, we believe that academically talented students should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential by receiving an education that is internationally recognized but that they would not otherwise be able to afford.

For those interested in applying for the following academic year, DIA publishes a scholarship policy each academic year. Exclusively Tanzanian citizens are eligible for scholarships, and only for our Diploma Program (G11).

2022–2023 Scholarship Policy

DIA Scholarships- Scholarships from the Dia Art Foundation for International Students, 2023–24

Students outside of the nation where the university is located may be eligible for international scholarships, fellowships, or grants. These are also referred to as financial aid, and the Dia Art Foundation’s financial aid section frequently handles them. Dia Art Foundation provides financial aid for those wishing to pursue studies or research there.

For international students, the Dia Art Foundation offers a variety of scholarships and internships. In addition to university-based scholarships, there are numerous additional institutions that provide financial aid to international students, such as foundations, trusts, corporations, etc. We provide information on the most recent international fellowships, scholarships, and awards to be of assistance. You can also apply for scholarships online using the Dia Art Foundation application form.

DIA Scholarships- Direct connections to scholarships from the Dia Art Foundation:

  • Dia Art Foundation scholarships for undergraduates (also known as Dia Art Foundation undergraduate scholarships)
  • Masters awards from the Dia Art Foundation
  • Grants for PhDs from the Dia Art Foundation

DIA Scholarships- Scholarship Eligibility

All applicants for scholarships must:

  1. possess excellent recent reports and accolades.
  2. Provide documentation of your current academic standing and excellent cognitive ability (CAT4).
  3. Show excellent leadership potential, a responsible and upbeat learning attitude, as well as originality and inventiveness in thought.
  4. Be considerate of others and very excited to learn at DIA Al Barsha.
  5. have a least 98% attendance record in school over the past 12 months (excl. COVID related absences).
  6. demonstrate exceptional talent in a sport, the arts, or a learning discipline.

In Addition

Applicants for athletic scholarships must submit supporting documentation, such as letters of recommendation from external (non-DIA – Al Barsha) coaches, such as club or national coaches, information about sports awards or other recognition, and competition results for accomplishments outside of school schedules. Applications for non-DASSA activities (such as tennis, golf, sailing, martial arts, and skating) will be taken into consideration this year.

DIA Scholarships- Applicant Requirements

  1. You wish to travel to Germany for research, a master’s program, or exchange;
  2. If you want to begin a master’s program in Germany, you must have earned your bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands;
  3. You intend to remain in Germany for at least four continuous months;
  4. Your study’s findings must be adequate;
  5. You must be of Dutch descent;
  6. You must successfully complete the enrollment process at Erasmus University Rotterdam;
  7. The time spent studying must be full-time;
  8. The level of study in Germany must at least match that in the Netherlands;

You are free to submit applications for both the Erasmus+ Scholarship and the DIA Stipendium simultaneously.

Cost for Scholarship worth up to €2,000

every year DIA gives out €2,000 the evry lucky winner so why wasting time today hurry and get your application to start with DIA Scholarships

Application Process

Apply by following these steps:

  • Be sure to review all of the specifications on the DIA website.
  • To register, please do so online at the DIA application page.
  • Please send your application to dia-stipendium@uva.nl in PDF format.
  • Applications must at the very least contain:

– The “titelblad” application form;

– A letter of motivation, preferably in German;

– A letter of recommendation from a professor or instructor at Erasmus University;

Curriculum vitae;

– a detailed feasibility analysis or research strategy;

copies of the most recent grade list;

– a letter from the receiving university confirming acceptance;

Be sure to review the specifics on the DIA-Stipendium website for further information.


Winter term 2021–2022, first day of July 2021


What is DIA scholarship?

One of Pakistan’s largest scholarship-granting organizations is Diya Pakistan. Diya Pakistan awards 50,000 scholarships to college and high school students each year. Additionally, it provides students participating in skill development programs with monthly stipends. Diya Pakistan welcomes applications at any time.

What is Diya Pakistan scholarship?

Only government schools are eligible for scholarships from Diya Pakistan. The School will get in touch with you for more information. Students who receive scholarships from other organizations worth more than Rs. 25000 annually are not eligible for Diya Scholarships.

How to apply for scholarship?

How do you submit a scholarship application?

  1. Apply for the scholarship, typically by filling out an online form.
  2. To make sure you’ve gotten the confirmation email, check your inbox.
  3. Write an essay or a personal statement.
  4. Obtain certification of your accomplishments in art, sports, and academics.

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